Born to explore the earth - 1978, Brooklyn. Visualizing the world in front of him Nick imagines which architect was commissioned for this reality and then he aspires to be ... and to create his own page in time. Nick begins to see that the world is made up of equations, what they all mean is still to be discovered and so he keeps calculating. Eventually Nick realized it was all around him in the people and places encountered. That every corner of time had an equation uniquely, beautiful and interesting to offer ...the equations where art, and he sees it everywhere. As time goes on Nick slowly begins a pursuit to solve them, building momentum it progresses into an that requires precise perfection. Drawing inspiration from travels , family, and the everyday environment, Nick is determined to create the perfect art. But it doesn't exist. Until the realization that the experience and wisdom gained during the journey will only mark him as a great artist in the end. And so... the beat goes on ...
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