Having a great logo is quintessential for your business’ success. It provides entry way to many new markets, as it’s usually the first thing seen.  Your logo’s image creates a first impression and that’s usually the deciding factor for soliciting your business for many. Don’t let an old outdated logo hold back your company’s potential. Whether you would require a black tie, blue collar, or a fun and gimmicky mascot, Nick Lorefice’s  professional and original designs will guarantee your business visibility and success.


Every business and professional can greatly benefit from an existence on the web. Nick Lorefice aims to provide straight forward standard based websites that are easily navigable and pleasing to view. By using some of his best skills as an illustrator  and fine artist to incorporate and create vector based web Icons , widgets, backgrounds, and buttons to fit the look and feel your website demands . This will give you the web presence, impact and prowess that is normally seen in larger more complex and of course more expensive websites. Besides the look and flow the most important part of having your website seen is search engine optimization and by organizing your website so it is easily found by all search engines and ranks at the top of search engine’s results list.


Books, CD covers, magazines, flyers and brochures have not yet gone way of the dinosaurs… they are still some of the greatest mediums for communication and art. Give your print project an edge that jumps out at the reader or prospective client.  Nick Lorefice a well-seasoned artist in many mediums will incorporate the best of his skills in art direction, layout and graphic design to make your project seen by all.


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